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1 AED = 33.30 BDT
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How to Send Money to Lebanon?

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Send money safely that will be received in USD to your loved ones in Lebanon.

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Trust that your money is secure with Taptap Send's cutting-edge technology and robust security measures.

Taptap Send puts the community first!

We're a community-based business, which means that supporting the Moroccan diaspora is key to everything we do.

That's why you'll find us supporting different charities in Morocco ranging from schooling of children in precarious situations to social & environmental protection programs.

Look out for our team at the next Eid el Kebir's event or at events hosted by the local Moroccan welfare association. See you soon!

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5-star rating

Simple, quick and smooth, which makes it an excellent app to use for money transfer to Lebanon.


5-star rating

Easiest way to transfer money if you are living abroad. You can easily transfer money from your bank account to any wish money in Lebanon and it’s very very helpful to have an application like this.


5-star rating

Amazing and easy sending to Lebanon using this service. It’s been great so far with amazing rates and the service is 10/10.

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