Our Mission

Help us serve diaspora communities on their most important financial needs: first and foremost, the need to send money to friends and family back home.

We work hard every day to give people something very simple -- a reliable and honest service -- by relentlessly pursuing solutions to lower costs, reduce delays, and increase convenience. 

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Our Values

We believe the how is as important as the what, and embed our values in all that we do.  Our values are ultimately what differentiate and define us, and are critical to achieving our mission and enjoying the journey. They start with “Impact first” recognizing the centrality of our social mission.  

Impact first.

We exclusively pursue products and strategies that are in the interests of our customers and the communities we serve, while recognizing the tradeoffs this implies

Team next.

I am because you are. We succeed or fail as a team -- not individuals -- and with our broader community of customers, regulators and investors.

Accept reality, propose solutions.

We recognize challenges, we accept their existence as reality, and we propose solutions.

Win with grit.

We seek out opportunities to unlock value by working harder and going further than others might.

Be proactively candid, with yourself and others.

We dare to be honest with ourselves and open to feedback, and are willing to say what we believe.

Love the particular. 

We value an understanding of specific circumstances and conditions -- of individual stories and lives.

Own it,

allowing us to create a culture of accountability without blame.

Create positive energy. Maybe, even have fun. 

We strive to enjoy ourselves at work, and be a source of positive energy for others. 

Beyond Values

We're remote friendly

While we enjoy spending time together, and have regular retreats (post-COVID), we are a remote-friendly environment. For those that prefer proximity, we have hubs in London, New York and Brussels. 

We suffer from wanderlust

We love exploring and celebrating different cultures; and while not all of our jobs allow this every week, we get to share the experiences as we launch new countries, onboard new team members and chat to customers. Our team is from 25 countries and speaks 30+ languages. So if you’re interested in learning how to make Congolese Chicken Mouambe or listening to Kenya’s Bherhumba band, Taptap Send may be the place for you.   

We’re backed by top VCs and are rapidly growing

Canaan Ventures and Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) are our lead investors and are complemented by a range of leading emerging market (e.g., Helios, Wamda Capital, Crescent Enterprises) and tech investors (e.g., Breyer Capital, Flourish, Slow Ventures, and Coventures). We’ve been growing quickly, with COVID helping accelerate the shift towards digital payments. 

We don’t drink the Kool-aid

Tech companies can sometimes trick themselves into believing they're single-handedly transforming the world for the better. We genuinely believe we can impact millions of families and even contribute to the growth of emerging markets, but we always act with humility, groundedness, and practicality (i.e., no elevating consciousness around here).

Our Team

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