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1 AED = 33.30 BDT
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Your fast, secure and low-cost way to send money to Vietnam

Enjoy the speed

Enjoy the speed

90% of our transfers are received in minutes!

Save with no fee transfers

Save with no fee transfers

We believe sending money to your loved ones should not be expensive, so we don’t charge any fees on transfers to Vietnam with Taptap Send

Have it easy

Have it easy

Use our mobile app and send money to Vietnam in just a few taps from the UK, EU, US and Canada

Taptap Send puts the community first!

We're a community-based business, which means that supporting the Vietnamese diaspora is key to everything we do.

That's why you'll find us supporting community football leagues, connecting with young professionals, and funding Viet concerts for the elderly community.

Look out for our team at your familiar restaurant in the neighborhood, at the next community event and side by side with your favourite non-profit organization.

Hẹn gặp lại bạn thật sớm!

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5-star rating

“Brilliant job”


5-star rating

“I sent a few times to my family in Vietnam and every single time it only takes less than 30 seconds for them to received it directly into their personal bank account.Best of all, No fee. Thanks”


5-star rating

“Taptap send is a nice app to transfer money to Vietnam. Thank for your work!”

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