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Your fast, secure and low-cost way to send money to Cameroon

Enjoy the speed

Enjoy the speed

90% of our transfers are received in minutes!

Save with no fee transfers

Save with no fee transfers

We believe sending money to your loved ones should not be expensive, so we don’t charge any fees on transfers to Cameroon with Taptap Send

Have it easy

Have it easy

Use our mobile app and send money to Cameroon in just a few taps from the UK, EU, US and Canada

Taptap Send puts the community first!

We're a community-based business, which means that supporting the Cameroonian diaspora is key to everything we do.

That's why you'll find us sponsoring projects and events, supporting different charities and creating jobs locally in Cameroon.

Look out for our team at your next njangi meeting,  community cookout, or family reunion.  

See you soon!

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5-star rating

“Pour moi c du top car même à 2h du matin sur mon lit je parviens à intervenir pour des urgences au Cameroun.

Merci tap tap send !!!”

Jean Paul

5-star rating

“Merci de nous rapprocher de nos familles au Cameroun.”


5-star rating

“Expérience fluide et application si simple d’utilisation. Le fait que les bénéficiaires reçoivent directement les fonds dans leur porte-monnaie électronique est un gros plus mais le vrai avantage est au niveau des frais d’envoi non variables et ça, ça fait du bien au portefeuille.”

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